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AddNow is about meeting new people and having fun. We want every user on AddNow to have a positive experience and keep AddSocial as a safe platform for all users. Any user who violates the rules will be banned.
Don’t Lie About Age
AddNow pairs users using their ages. Please be truthful about your age and report users who appear to be lying about theirs!
Keeping Our Community Great
If any user makes threats, makes offensive comments, shares inappropriate content, intends to cause physical or emotional harm to an individual, promote self-harm or is excessively violent — he or she will be banned.
Thanks for being a part of AddNow. We are excited to continue keeping AddSocial a safe and fun place to meet new people.
Help us 🙏
You too can do a lot to help us. You can report any users that don’t respect our community guidelines.
Respect 😃
Respect is very important for our community and will allow us to build a great community all around the world.
- Never threaten or intimidate other users. Always be kind and respectful.
- Don’t ask for nudes.
- Never harass, bully or spam other users.
- It’s not OK to make threats of physical harm or other criminal activities
- Don’t post content which is sexist, racist, homophobic or discriminatory in any other way.
Your identity 😉
- Don’t post any fake pictures.
- Never pretend to be someone else.
- Don’t lie about your birthday. If you are under 18, it is totally forbidden to make friends with users over 18.
Don’t Share ⛔️
It’s never OK to share the following on AddSocial
- pornographic or sexually explicit content
- nude images of yourself or others
- images that promote violence such as violent acts, guns, knives or weapons
- gory and graphic images
- images that promote any drugs
- It is not OK to use pictures or videos of people without seeking their permission
Safety ✅
We understand at AddNow that some young people are facing and dealing with some difficult issues in their lives, and want to meet and share some of these challenges. But it’s important to have a AddSocial community that promotes safety and wellness, which is why it’s not OK to make posts that promote eating disorders, and other forms of self in-jury such as cutting. Any encouragement of others to participate in these behaviours or make fun of people with such difficulties will result in posts being removed and accounts being closed.
Keep it lawful 👮
- Don’t use AddSocial for any unlawful activities.
- Don’t post hateful content or promoting violence or organised crime of any kind, including terrorism.
- Any sexual content involving minors will be reported directly to the police.
- It’s not ok to promote or advertise sexual services